What Flavor of Yoda Pop Do You Want – Day 44

So i made another Yoda board. I still plan on cutting a new stencil of this image, and even more so now. I was at a city wide garage sale in Berea, and picked up 10 or so new dispensers including the older version of Yoda. Any way, this was a new board i had just picked up and the glowing green went so well with Yoda’s eyes. I like this board more then the other board, because all the color compliments from board to image are stronger. The shadow on the handle pulls well with the scratched out black on the board, and the green markings on the deck seem to make Yoda’s eyes really glow. It almost looks like the green penetrates the back of his head. Although if you look closely at his eyes, it’s almost like he’s got “crazy eyes” the pupils are off a bit, and Yoda has that look like a wild 5 year old kid. Stay tuned for the older version of Yoda coming soon. This dispenser is a classic 80’s look (not sure if was made in the 80s) but you’ll know what i mean when you see it.