Green Cats and Ham? Day 42

Here is my 3rd cat for the series. This is the green cat, and the last one for a little while. I’m out of the gold boards I’ve been using for them, and i want to knock out some other dispensers on my list. I really like how the mini series is looking. I think they look great for people of all ages. Although the image of the cat is the same on the past 3 boards, i think the color creates a unique personality for each. You know, when you find something you like, and you go…. “I wish it came in another color”. I don’t usually make art in this fashion, pandering to everyone that is, but this limited stenciling/layers allows me to do that and not feel like I’m selling out. I’d still like to do a yellow, red, purple, gray, white, orange, and maybe a few shades within those schemes. I guess it’ll depend on future decks. Till then.