Aloha Kitty – Day 39

Here’s the follow up to my hello kitty. I love this one much, much more! I used a tan (instead of gray) as the shadow on the head. It’s just much softer then the gray. As i mentioned in my previous post about Hello Kitty, and not knowing much about it. I noticed there are a few different headbands on them. This one has a flower (hence why i said Aloha). And there are other dispensers with bows on them. I’m not sure if it’s the same character with a new accent, or different characters. Sorry… I’m just not well versed on the cartoon. Any way, this board has a wave on it crashing down (covered my the painting). I thought it worked in conjunction with Hawaii (and the tropical flower on her head) and playing off the first post’s idea of, cats don’t like water. It think the gray/green/yellow of the deck helps push the painting forward (especially with the new tan shadow). Random note: yesterdays post is on the second half of this deck. The devil/monster and hello kitty share the same back drop.