Allen is a Monster – Day 38

This is a Devil/Monsters Pez. I don’t actually own this one, i pulled a reference offline. This is one of the soft rubber headed vintage Pez dispensers. There are a bunch of these crude vintage monsters i want to make! I’ve looked on eBay, and if you can find them they’ll cost you a pretty penny or two. So maybe I’ll find some at the Pez Convention I’m showing at in July. If i can’t buy them, maybe they’ll let me shoot some of them for future decks. The deck i chose was part of a “news channel/ weather/ title wave board. I’m not sure what the actual original concept was but i like the blues in it. They compliment the monsters head. I also started thinking about the storms, hurricanes, and tsunami’s that make the news and how they are “monsters” in themselves. I hope to never be in or around a storm like that. The worst we have up here in Cleveland, is Lake Effect snow! ha ha. There is a name on the board “Allen”. Not sure what that means or who it is, but for fun I’m naming the next big storm Allen. It also kind of reminds me of and old map and the images on them. Artists or Captains would insert sea monsters on them to warn other ships, or for visual interest. I’m not sure why. This board, if you notice, is upside down. (many of them are) but i think when you’re in a severe storm, sometimes up is down, and right is left. That is another element of the piece i believe helps pull this piece together.