Hello Kitty – Day 36

Hey Cat? I mean Hello KITTY! Here’s a first run at a Hello Kitty Pez. I really like the overall layout and layers with this stencil. But as a first run, I’m not crazy on the gray i used as a shadow on the face. I think it works with the darkness of the skateboard, but I’m going to try it with a light/medium tan for a softer shadow and transition. I don’t know much about Hello Kitty, nor do i think I’ve ever seen a show or read a book on the character. But i do know shes a cat! So that’s why i used this skateboard. The board has H20 (in pink to match the flower) written on it, and to my knowledge cats don’t like water! but flowers do enjoy a fresh sprinkling (she has one on her head). The board was filed down a bit on the top and resembles more of a casket/coffin then the others i have, which are more rounded. I thought the idea of 9 lives played in, and i became more excited about the harmony from image to found object. Later today i plan on trying the new color combo and hope it plays out better. Stay tuned in for a future update on that. Till then, goodbye kitty!