Lord of the Flys – Day 35

So here we have another ironic situation, that pans out well (shewwwww…). When i was trying my new color scheme on Eeyore (light blue) and all these little flies were attracted to the paint smell. They landed in the wet paint and got stuck. At first i was pretty irritated, because it almost feels like a waste of time, paint, and money. But then i thought about it and Donkey’s, Horses, and all livestock are attacked by flies and bugs. So i laughed it off and embraced it. If you look closely at the face, you can see multiple black/brown marks those are the flies. Well… parts and pieces, when i applied the image to the board, some of the bugs came off. A bug war-zone if you will. After a few days of thinking about this piece, i really REALLY like it. I’ve come to like happy accidents and elements like this. It’s almost like the move Jurassic Park, where the mosquito’s were stuck in the amber. And my amber is spray paint. I used a plain skate deck, with some type of certificate framing on it (the bottom). I’m not sure what it said or what looked like in its mint state, but i think it works playing off the idea of a certificate (synonymous with success or accomplishment) and then a mule/donkey (synonymous with the term ass or unaccomplished). I’m not sure if i like the dark blue or light blue version the best, i would like to find some more blue violet paints, and see how they look. As an overall appearance, i really like this deck.