The Original Candy-Ass: Day 34

Eeyore makes the cut. This is the second time i made an Eeyore stencil. The first one was not so good, and i threw it away (months ago). I had some difficulty in painting options. I don’t have a periwinkle/blue violet colored paint to make Eeyore, so i made 2 of them (I’ll post the second one tomorrow). This one was painted with dark blues, and the colors look OK. I just felt this image may be darker then what i think Eeyore should look like. I think the mouth area should be more pink, but again, i didn’t have appropriate shades of pink for it. So i used neutral flesh tones. The color changes almost make Eeyore more real, more adult, and less cartoon-ish. I think the mouth area works well with the neutral tones in the skate board. The rest of the board doesn’t have much more color play with the image. There is some red peaking through and i guess that would make the board analogous when you add the violet in the ear and down the nose. I really like this piece. I feel that it highlights Eeyore in a happy or positive light, vs. the usual mopey or sad persona he is known for.