I Like Smiling, It’s My Favorite – Day 33

This is a second version of my smiley face Pez. I changed the handle color to green to compliment a board i had in mind. The board is yellow and green (hence why i changed the handle). I also like that the board’s yellow is more of an orange yellow, and the face is more of a lemon or true yellow. That helps create the foreground/background element in this piece. It has some type of Chinese characters on the board in green, i couldn’t tell you what it originally said, and they’re barely visible under the head. But i really like the random marks at the top and from the characters seem to continue the green handle. I also like the darker scuff marks around the face, it has a great explosion or ray effect leading the eyes in and out from the piece. This board was the first one (and only one i have at the moment) that is broken on both sides. So it looks less like a skateboard and more like a plank of wood. Again, a smiley face is such a simple form and shape, but i feel the finished piece is really strong. I don’t’ feel like it’s “not done” or needs more. I’m very content with this piece. And here’s a tip for the day: “Smile, it improves your face value”.