Don’t Worry, Be Happy… Day 32

If you’re happy and you know it eat some Pez. This is my smiley face Pez Dispenser. It’s a very simple stencil, on the idea that it’s a smiley face and a stick. Its’ the simplest geometric form! But it was in my pile of dispenser and I pulled it out and made it in to art. I think it’s funnier on the board I chose. The board says destroy and has an alien on it. It’s almost too nice/cute to destroy anything, and maybe the alien is saying destroy to this new creature, but that’s up to the viewer to decide. If aliens ever landed on earth, it makes you wonder who they would encounter first. Who’s our alien representative? This dispenser also reminds me of a Wal-Mart sign, with their whistling smiley face. The color scheme follows that of analogous, and even though it’s not the most complex stencil, I really enjoy the simplicity of it all.