Pumpkin board – Day 31

Here is my Pumpkin board. The original dispenser glows in the dark. So the handle, eyes and mouth, and dispenser were all that milky green color. I don’t currently have glow in the dark paint, so i used a neutral to represent that. I hope to find some glow in the dark spray paints that work well. But until then I’m using what i have. I might do a green paint in place of the neutrals, but i have not gotten that far. I’ve used another one of the smaller boards i had, i lost most of the dispenser but i really like the black board and it’s text. The font in the text is very Halloween/Tim Burton/Holiday-ish and i thought it matched up well with the pumpkin. I like the spatter of white dots on the board. It reminds me of a pumpkin patch at night, and i think it just enhances the spookiness of the board (not real spooky, cartoon spooky). This is a fairly new dispenser and i have an older pumpkin one that I’ll get too soon. So there will me more pumpkins coming soon.