Do or Do Not… There is No Try – Day 30

What a great quote by Yoda. “Do or do not… There is no try”. Yoda makes my 30 day Pez Challenge. 30 Days ago i set out to post a new piece for a month, and now i can say i did. So… lets amp it up! I’m going for the gold people! 365 is my new goal, a full year that you can check my progress on Pez. I think i will be trying some new mediums, as well as continue using the skateboards, but they’ll all be Pez. So thank you for your support and continued critiques, i love it! Any way, lets take a look at Yoda. I put him on a greenish board, hoping to compliment the idea of the force. (i have some of the bad guys and hope to use red boards). Now, I’m not a Star Wars fanatic, but i do enjoy the movies. I feel like they along with Pez are such iconic pop art entities, i had to use them. I think the image of Yoda is OK. I took several references on different lighting. So i plan on making a few new ones, plus there are some older dispensers from a few years back, and they look more like toys then action figures. So i want to do the different generations of him as well. I am satisfied with the finished piece but i not in love with it, like i was with past boards.