Marge in Charge – Day 29

Marge Simpson and her beautiful blue hair becomes one of my new pieces. I had a lot of fun with the texture in the hair. In the cartoon, all the characters are really flat, but the dispenser has all of this bumps that look like a pile of blueberries. I just like the shape of it and they seemed stacked so neatly. The board used is actually marked as a “girls” skateboard. You can see part of “Gir” on the right hand side and under the painting, there was a female shape. It was the standard female logo you find on a bathroom door. So I thought the board worked well in 2 ways, first being it’s a girl board and Marge is a woman. And secondly the color schemes are the same in the piece and the board, but the board is in neon or more saturated tones, where my paint is in more of the standard primary and secondary colors as we know them. I felt that it helped push the foreground out. I intentionally lined the necklace up with the pink outline on the deck to continue the imaginary line. Marge is the only Simpson Pez Dispenser I have right now (the physical dispenser that is), but I want to get the rest of the family so I can make the full set. Hopefully I’ll find them at a garage sale or flea market this summer oober cheap!