Tiggers Don’t Jump, They Bounce – Day 27

Tigger makes the list. This is one of my Tigger boards. Its a simple line up in comparison to past entries. This color scheme is a secondary scheme, with a purple skate board and an orange Tigger. The text reads “West Side” and the silver swoosh in the back reminds me of a spring or Tigger’s Tail when he bounces. I used a neon orange on this Tigger to use up some old paints i had. Well, although it worked out ok… There are some drips and cracks in it from when the different brand of paints i used started working against each other. Sometimes paints do that. We call them happy accidents. I have another Tigger board coming up soon. (perhaps tomorrow) I like the idea of showing them within a few days of each other to show what I’ve changed. I think the color plays are synonymous with real Pez dispensers. Even though a dispenser might have the same head on them. Some times the paint colors are slightly off, or they have different handles on them. So i think my work and Pez dispensers share that common randomness. Oxymoron? Common randomness? hmmm…?