Getting your Ducks in a Row – Day 26

As a follow up to the black eyed duck from yesterday. Here’s my new rubber ducky. I like this one a lot more! What’s different? Well not only is the black eye gone, but i changed the dispenser color to a darker blue. I like the way the darker handle works with this skateboard. There are deeper blues in the writing on the board that play off the handle. As an over all color scheme, i would say it follows the primary scheme. When i think of primary colors, i think of children’s toys and well… whats more of a children’s toy then a rubber ducky. I like the way the white on the skateboard (behind the duck) crops in the duck. I also like some of highlights on this piece. Specifically, i really like the right eye of the duck. The feathered look of the white highlight on that eye really creates an illusion of a rounded surface. Knowing some of the tricks of how spray paint and stencils work, I’ve been allowing some of the layers to be “sloppy”. Crisp edges are almost mandatory or created when stenciling (it’s the nature of the process), but if i don’t weight the stencil down, my spray paint can create blowouts. That’s where the paint gets under the stencil and has a feathered or gradation outward. I think these blowouts really create a natural sense of light. Side note: Looking at all of the boards I’ve made they all have a sense or feeling of a trophy, standing tall. The way the head sits on the handle, reminds me of an award being presented at a ceremony.