How to Avoid a Black Eye – Day 25

DUCK! (that’s how you avoid a black eye). Also, this is my rubber ducky Pez. Why the black eye comment, well… if you look at the right eye of the duck, it looks like he has a black eye. It was intended to be a shadow but the black was a bit harsher and resembles more of a knuckle sandwich. I’ll have a follow up to this board soon, and i’ve blocked out that mark. I don’t mind it, but i don’t love it either, so future rubber duck Pez will not have it. What else is different about this board? Well, it’s the first board that’s not broken, it’s cut. It was cut when i got it, and i didn’t’ feel like trying to make it look broke, so i left it. I think it works, for the following reasons. The hook on the bottom kind of looks like a rudder/stabilizer on boat or surf board (2 objects that also go in the water!) It also mimics the tail and wing shape of the duck. The color choice of the board should be obvious. There was some great yellow text on a black board, and it all matched my stencil. (it’s not rocket science, it’s art science) That’s about it for this board, stay tuned for the updated duck piece and the many other dispensers to make my list. FYI, the goal was for this project was the month of April. Well, i have 5 days left, and meeting my first goal is becoming a reality. Time flies when you’re making art (or floats when you’re a duck).