It’s Duck Season – Day 24

It’s Duck Season! Says my newest duck, i mean deck. Daffy Duck makes the cut and i couldn’t be more excited. I think i fall in love every time i finish one of these Pez boards. I know it sounds egotistical, but from concept to finished project, i get a great sense of self fulfillment. A check mark on board of “to-do’s” if you will. I just had a great discussion with my friend (and Professor of Art) Steve about this series I’ve been working on. Maybe it’s this body of work, or maybe my maturity level and old age settling in, but i think I’m addicted to making art. Ha ha, what a great addiction right? Each piece has subtle elements that i love, whether it’s a highlight or a transition from layer to layer, i just can’t wait to see it in the final piece. For example, this duck piece is on a simple gold and white board, but during my discussion with Steve the contrast/push from foreground to background just seems to work. I really feel that the dispenser is a three dimensional piece, but in reality it’s very flat. I also mentioned how i just love transitions. I think my favorite parts of this piece are the eyes: the off white moving in to a bright highlight. And the forehead where the highlight is a shade of grey and softens the piece. I’ve tried to limit my black (in the shadows) on more recent pieces to really force the shape and texture of the dispenser. I think I’ve been accomplishing this, but the viewers will be the ultimate judge.