You Can Catch More with Honey… – Day 23

Winnie the Pooh makes his debut on a skate board! As i had known Pooh was going to be one of my Pez Dispensers, finding a compatible skate board seemed to be difficult. The last thing i think of when i think Pooh, is a grimy, broken skateboard. But as i went through my pile of decks, i found this black and white one. The color pallet works, but the real reason i ran with it was for the little kid on the sticker. The little kid skating reminded me of Christopher Robbin (as a skater). I thought i would work well since the sticker color was red, black and white. It pulls the board into the color scheme of the dispenser handle. But i really feel like the message of this piece is that Pooh is day dreaming about his friend Christopher. He can’t wait till they get to hang out again. This is the first dispenser I’ve shown the whole stencil. I didn’t sand or scuff the applied image. I like looking at this piece among the others (past decks). The variation and differences with them all. (some off centered, some deck short and some long) They all work extremely well as a grouping. Maybe I’ll post a group shot soon, so you can see what i mean. I might make a more “rock and roll-esk” Pooh-Bear (skulls on the board, or something like that), but I’m not sure yet. I have this feeling that he should just remain the calm, cute character that i grew up with. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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