The Last Skull… for now… Day 22

This is the last of the first 6 skulls i made for my commission work. It’s a larger version of an earlier stencil and it’s the second half to an earlier board i used. So i guess it has 2 used ideas from 2 separate decks, and in the art world that’s means it’s original! (take a piece from here, and add a piece from here, ha ha). The board was picked because of the neutral/achromatic tones and diagonal pattern. I like the heavy black lines against the collar and shadows of the dispenser. I guess with all the skate boards the shape naturally looks like a tombstone, but with the skeleton, i just noticed it more heavily and made that connection. The one area I really like on this board is at the bottom where the dispenser fades or is worn in to the deck. Thinking about the tombstone shape, it looks like a foggy ground cover clearing up as your eyes move up the board. I have other skull dispensers that i want to make, there are some crystal skulls and a black skull, and even some tie-dye skulls out there. But for now, this is the last skull for a while.