Revenge of the Skull – Day 21

Again, this is a skull board i did for a commission. This is 5/6, I’m sure 6 will make it up…. TOMORROW! Muha ha ha. I have a lot of these decks that say “enjoy west side” because i get them from West Side Skate but i love the wording, the colors, and the “borrowed” coke logo. The gold board on this piece is complementary to the purple dispenser and flows well with the neutral tones in the skull. I like the white swoosh behind the skull reacting to the large white highlight on the dispenser. Sometimes when I’m finished with a board, i look at it and think “wow, i couldn’t have planned these better if i tried”. My method of matching them up is simple. I find boards that share a similar color pallet, lay my work on it, and see how it reacts. Sometimes i’m lucky, and get text that starts a communication with the piece. Like this one says “enjoy”. Enjoy Death? Enjoy Art? Enjoy Pez? I guess that’s what really makes it fun. Some viewer might say, that’s disturbing, and others might say how cool.