What a Marvel-ous Specimen – Day 18

Here’s the no. 2 Wolverine. I favor this one more then yesterdays, and it’s for such a minimal change. When i was laying my last layer (which was the shadow or the black on the teeth and chin) i felt it was to bold. The over spray from the yellow lightened up the black, so when i came back with the 2nd layer of black it was really dark in comparison. Although it’s not much difference, it’s enough to make me happy, i changed it on the no. 2 board to dark brown. It’s dark enough to be the shadow, but warm enough to be not so abrasive to the eye. I really love this board, it has all the right colors and tones to enhance the dispenser. I think the green outline in the lettering is also a nice added color, that wasn’t planned. It almost feels like Wolverine is busting through the center of the board, based on the direct on of the scratches and transitions on the deck. One more random note, in order to center Wolverine on the deck, the right ear pieces has gone off the side. So i sanded them down, like any other pieces that peak the edge. But i must have been to excited and not been paying attention, because i scratched it more then i was planning. But i think with the nature of the worn board, i don’t mind the flaws, or happy accidents.