Those Aren’t Butter Knives – Day 17

Here is my Wolverine Pez (no. 1). This Pez was a challenge from the beginning, but i think it worked itself out. I mentioned that is is no. 1. I have a second one that i made immediately after the first and altered a color on it (you’ll see it in a future post, tomorrow?) Any way, i think what made it difficult actually made it great. There is a lot of over spray or paint dust from the yellow on to the black of the helmet and dispenser. In addition to the the way i lit this one (for the original photo),it really enhanced that stereotypical lighting on a superhero in any comic book or movie. The over spray i think creates this angelic or glowing effect on the piece. So i ran with it. My favorite area would be the nose, and the mask area. The over spray really pushed the 3D element of the final piece. The board is one of the more simple ones i had to work with. It’s a natural wood tone board with no graphics or stickers. I think the random marks and the scrapes insert a false sense of wolverines claws shredding the board, which ironically are not shown in this image.

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