Can you hear me now? – Day 16

Did you follow the trail of Reese pieces to this skate board? This is ET, a movie i remember watching in a drive in theater when i was really young. Drive-ins, what’s that? ha ha. I actually caught a a few minutes of the movie a few weeks ago on tv, but i was too tired to watch, and it was half over. I’ll have to watch it in its entirety soon. I remember liking the movie when i was younger but i must admit i have forgotten most of it. Any way, back to the art itself. This is ET in his red hood. (I have plans to do just ET soon, wait for it…) I selected this board for it’s neutral tone on tone that mimics ET’s flesh color. I think this piece would not have worked well on this board had he not had the red hood/dispenser. It would get swallowed into the deck easily. I’m not sure what the white/black dotted line area was, but i felt that had a radio wave or communication feel. Maybe Morse code? Either way, i think it reminded me of communication via the airwaves, as in “ET phone home”. For those of you are children of the 80’s, this one is for you.