I’m the Tax Man – Day 15

So today is tax day, well it’s usually tax day. Because it’s Sunday, and tomorrow is some type government holiday, this year it’s actually on the 17th, but play along with today’s Pez. This is another version of Uncle Sam that i did. The board was picked based on color schemes (as they all are), but this one was more on the primary scheme vs. patriotic. I’m not sure what the board originally said on it, but exposed is “G”, “T”, and “!”. I always love a good “!”. Initially there is no implied meaning from those letters, but as i look at the board and write this post, i can imagine the words “get, got, great, and giant”. I guess those all can be associated with government, taxes, United States, and big brother; so i guess that starts making a viewer think more about about the piece. When i laid the piece on the board for the first time, i thought it kind of looked like a vintage voting pin, or a “Uncle Sam Wants You” military pin/poster. While i was painting this stencil i ran out of the darker flesh toned paint, so i used a hammer tone finish. It worked, but the face is much darker then the first version, and it has a slight metallic look. As you move around the piece, it goes from a light bronze to a dark bronze pending the angle and light. It’s interesting, but not what i had intended. Well, my taxes have been in for some time, so I’m not stressing about getting them done. For the rest of you, you only have 2 days to get on it!