Alley Cat – Day 14

This is Sylvester the cat, from one of my favorite childhood cartoon shows “Looney Tunes”. They just don’t make cartoons like that anymore. In the cartoon, Sylvester was either in the house trying to eat Tweety Bird or outside trying to eat a mouse. Either way there’s a dog in both that try to stop him (sorry to ruin the plot, ha ha). Any way, this board was selected for 2 reasons. The first was color. The deep blues and maroons really help push the dispenser forward (against the brighter blues and reds). I really enjoy the push and separation, i think it helps create depth within the piece. The second reason for this board was all the graffiti on the deck. It reminds me of an alley where Sylvester would have been hanging out. There are few fun elements that are totally random with this piece, but i think have become part of what my process is, being my art process and life process. The first is this the spiral on the bottom left of the board. It seems to jump right in to the partial “Pez” text on the dispenser melding the foreground to the back ground and creating a symbol of life. Things always spiral or circulate for good or bad reasons. Cats are noted as having 9 lives, and i think that spiral is interesting way of noting that. The next fun fact is, that there is a green sticker under the left side of Sylvester face that would read “Breakneck Gallery”. Adding to the life cycle or process, My former gallery (the pop shop) is now Breakneck gallery. (you can read more about that on the site). And I’ve been showing my work at Breakneck, so that sticker will make a full circle back to it’s home. Interesting, right? As for this particular Pez image, it’s not my favorite, but i do like it as an over all piece. The original dispenser had odd proportions (in the 3D sense) and i think it could have been made better to look more like Sylvester on the cartoon.