I did it all for the Wookie… Day 13

Here’s my first Star Wars Pez. It’s Chewbacca. In addition to this one, I just picked up 6 more Star Wars Pez at Giant Eagle. I picked this board because it had some chewed up marks on the side of the board, that reminded me of something an animal/creature could do to a vehicle or person. That is scratch and chew them up. I also liked the neutral over all color scheme. I liked the use of mostly earth tones with a few hints of blue (for the eyes) and silver lettering. This board doesn’t have any other found objects, stickers or marks that pulled me to use it. It was mostly a color choice. The detail in the hair has enough interest to keep the whole piece interesting, in my opinion. Upcoming Star War Pez boards will pretty much include the main cast. Plus there are older editions of Star Wars Characters, so i might have a few variations of each character.