Batman Returns – Day 12

Here’s another version of the classic light blue Batman. This is the first board that i offset the Pez dispenser. I was hesitant at first to do so, but i really like the balance from batman and the text. It’s a metallic gold board with white writing, and the whole piece reminds me of a vintage 1930’s-40’s piece. This pieces has the what other dispenser don’t, and that’s the addition of the cape. So having a longer board shows that feature off. The writing, in its entirety says “West Side”. (Fun Fact: Adam “West” was the original Batman. And I’ve been getting my boards from West Side Skates check them out). I like that the word “side” is visible. I think of “sidekick” or “who’s side are you on” and there’s always the division of good guys and bad guys, so it just works. So the association of that word begins a conversation with the image. I have more super hero’s/villains coming soon… Stay tuned for another fun filled adventure!