Say Uncle – Day 10

This is Uncle Sam, i’m sure you’ve heard of him before. This piece has a lot of layers. I think it was 10-12 layers with a couple of them as back fills. A back fill is where i have to use the same color but in another stencil. In stenciling sometimes you have “rings” and in order to get the effect you want, these back fills are needed. Any who, the idea of this piece was patriotic (in regards to yesterdays post), the board has a military plane on it (not that you can see it), but was covered by the stencil. So initially we had a blue sky with clouds presenting the viewer with this majestic and heavenly atmosphere. But then when the board was used (as a skateboard), it caused this gravely/dusty by way of physical scuffs and scratches that is traveling up the board. It’s a nice transition into the blue sky. So the concept or feeling is, I’m here and you’re there. As stated by many, sometimes it doesn’t feel like our country is at war. I know our soldiers are over seas in dusty terrains fighting for all of us, and unless i hear something detrimental on the news, I’m almost oblivious to what is really going on. Using Uncle Sam, this squeaky clean Pez, and placing him in/on this dirty terrain brings some light to that issue. On that note, please think about the real issues at hand sometimes, and your perspective on the little things that bog us down daily might not seem so grim.