Back to the Bear Essentials – Day 9

So here’s my last bear (white polar bear that is) piece for a while. I flipped my stencil and reversed the bear. It’s applied to a deck that shows the words “Oh the Terror” and hidden behind the bear’s back is a gun. Being that the deck was already painted, there is no implied meaning with my finished piece. But i guess if we look at the previous bear piece, we can say that bears are dangerous and can lead to many forms of terror. (note to self, don’t play with bears with guns) As I’m writing this post and viewing the finished piece, i think my initial concept was based on color play. The red, white and blue works well together in regards to the bears eyes and mouth, and height of the words vs. the height of the dispenser just lined up well. At a second glance, i see a new meaning, possibly the patriotism in my subconscious coming out. The colors of the flag vs. a comment of “terror” and i can see how some viewers might translate this as a anti/pro war piece of art. I have made plenty of political works in the past, but I’m not sure that was my first intention with this piece. The great thing about art is, that its open to interpretation and discussion. So please discuss this piece with a friend and then let me know what i meant when i made it. ha ha.