Chocolate Bunny – Day 8

Happy Easter, i hope everyone got a Pez or chocolate bunny in their basket this morning, or both. This piece was done intentionally for today (but would have made the list eventually). This is my chocolate bunny Pez. I put it on a green deck and kept the color palette very complementary. You can see in the right ear a brown mark within the pink. I got a little antsy and laid the next stencil to early, and it peeled some of the paint up. But, i kind of like the accidents or the human element in a piece. So instead of doing it over, i was happy to use it. I do feel you have to look a bit harder at this piece. The handle jumps of and is seen immediately (in contrast to the deck), and i feel the head might get swallowed up a bit with the darker green in the background. Overall I still enjoy this Pez and think it makes for a tasty treat. On a side note, i have 5 rabbits living in my back yard. I love animals but these tyrants are eating all of my plants! I would never hurt an animal, so i guess i have to feed them to prevent further destruction of my flowers, shrubs and trees. WWEFD? (What would Elmer Fud Do?). Yes Elmur tried to kill da wabbit, but he never did. I just need to trick them!