Chick-a-boom – Day 7

In the spirit of being “almost Easter” here is my chick piece. I was nervous when i was laying this stencil out. The simple shape and color scheme of the chick made for placement of shadows and marks critical for a believeable image. If you have one of these chick Pez’s you’ll also note they have a “Cheap” toy look (around the mouth and eye). Meaning, they’re not cheaply made, but they have paint marking those elements, where newer pieces are all embossed or recessed, that make it easy to find those shadows i need. When it’s just painted on, turning a flat image into something fairly 3D takes some planning and decision making. This is one of my favorite pieces as of now. Maybe because it’s the newest one? but i think i’m excited that the final stencil worked really well, and that the deck i had really plays of the primary color scheme but in a slightly darker version. That really helps add to that 3rd demention that the orginal dipensers have. The decks i’ve been posting are not up for sale yet, but this one i feel like keeping for a while… until the next favorite comes along. Note: Artists, don’t keep work too long, sell it if you have the opportunity (you can always make more, that’s why you’re an artist).