The Bear with Ice Blue Eyes. Day 6

Here’s another bear piece. The difference with this one is the eye and tongue color. I used a light blue and a pink (vs. the other one with medium blue eyes and red for the tongue). The board itself is not that interesting by itself. It’s a black board, with a few stickers on it. Simple is good sometimes, and i think this one of those times. On most of the decks you’ll notice the bottoms of the Pez are sanded down to match the boards and add a sense of being part of the original piece. As you travel up the dispenser the image gets more clear, and the back ground remains stressed or used. I think it also enhances the feeling of a foreground and a background. As i looked at this piece closer, i noticed that the word “Die” with a skull and crossbones is quite noticeable on the deck. That’s the fun of having a found object, the randomness. But i think it’s also relevant. Bears are dangerous animals and skateboards too can cause severe injuries to a person. I guess moral of the story is, the warning signs are always in plain view but often ignored.