Boom Box Bear Pez – Day 5

This is a white polar bear pez, that i pulled from my “Box O Pez’s”. The match up for the pez and deck was fairly simple. I had a dark skateboard and the contrast from dark gray/black to the off white of the bear was pretty stong, so i used it. Plus i like the scratched up boom box sticker on the left side. I felt like the bear was rocking out to some good ole jams. I’m thinking he’s listening to “Tricky” by RUN DMC. Found objects are so much fun to work with. If you’ve never picked up a piece of “garbage” and had to turn it in to something “fun”, plese give it a try. Using what you have vs. what you think you need is a great expierence. After using found objects, you may never buy a new canvas again. My collection for found ojects is out of control. Some might say hoarder, some might say GENIOUS! but that’s neither here nor there. I think if makes great art, or good conversation… use it!