A Pez a day… starts now.

So i mentioned in a few post backs my goal/challenge for posting a new Pez piece for a month. April is that month. I applied to a few summer arts festivals and… (drum roll) a Pez convention! This is a whole new body of work, and now that I’ve been accepted to half of my summer shows, i must create the work for my booth. So it’s not only a goal but it’s a necessity. Please check in on me, join my subscriber button, tell a friend, and follow my work as it’s created and recreated. Feed back is always welcome and appreciated. The first board I’m posting is a skull deck. I was commissioned to do a skull Pez by a friend of mine, and the bottom line is…. i don’t usually do commissions. So, I’m obsessively making a few of them to please the customer. This one i thought worked well, it’s on a broken “West Side” skate board. I’m from Cleveland’s West side and i really like that play in found object part of my work. I also love the heavy diagonal lines that seem to work well with the dark shadow on the handle of the Pez Dispenser.