Take a small example, a tip from me.

I love sharing information, to an artist/entrepreneur it can open so many doors or just inspire you to then inspire others. I want to share with you a great concept that i too am going to attempt. There’s a fun book/blog called Skull a Day. It was created by an artist named Noah Scalin. Any way, i’m going to simplify the book, for you. Noah created a skull a day for a full year. Each skull was unique to that day, from paper skulls to stamped skulls and mixed media to found objects. It’s just a fun experiment to keep an artists mind fresh everyday at the same time facing the challenge of finishing what you started. In addition, now you can submit works to skull a day, and they are posting other artists works everyday. So… i did just that. I submitted a skull Pez board, which i will post soon/ I was very inspired by this book, and i’m going to start off in baby steps to attempt a similar feat. As many of you have seen, I’ve been working on Pez pieces. I’m going to attempt a month long showing of new pez works. If i can continue that groove, i may shoot for the 365 version (that’s a thought, not a promise yet). Please check out my website to see how far i get. And if you’re an artist shoot over a skull piece for their website. Just for fun.