Finished Batman Skateboard

Here’s the finished Batman Pez Skateboard from yesterdays post. You can see that i cut it almost in half to fit an existing board. I guess that’s the price you pay to make an image work. There is an old sticker that was on the board that i assume said “black hole skateboards” (since i Googled it). But if you look quickly it read’s “black ho”. I thought that was funny. The Black Night is now the black ho. There is no real relationship between batman and the phrase “black ho”, but it’s one of those things that people might chuckle at. My work is serious in the sense that I’m passionate about art, but not so serious in the sense that i like to entertain the minds of my viewer with puns, lead ins, and other forms of parallels. I’ll let the viewer decide what the text means vs. the image and that’s how most of my works are. I picked this particular board because of the achromatic paisley background. I love matching up things that i have, like a puzzle, and making them work together. I felt it looked like a dollar bill, in the way the fancy marks surround the president (or Batman), but the skateboard had a much grittier feel. I mean he’s Batman, he fights crime in the back allies of Gotham and then is praised by all as a fearless leader. I just thought it was a very fitting backdrop. Any way, here’s the finished piece. I hope you like it. More Pez Skateboards and canvas’ are on their way.