Instant Pez Collection

So if you’ve seen my work lately, I’ve really been in to Pez. So i decided to pick a few up. We’ll i placed a bid on eBay for a lot of dispensers, no one bid against me, and ta-DA! Instant Pez collection. I obtained over 75 Pez characters. Some are new, some are old, and some are doubled up, but they all are fun! I can’t wait to start shooting them and making them into stencils and new works. I think my favorites in this bunch are the 4 from cereal boxes. I have a Lucky, Trix Rabbit, Honey Bee, and a Coco bird (i think?). There was a smurf one too, that i like. It’s missing the bottom jaw of the smurf, so it’s just a hat and eyes. I might create my own dispenser with that one. Please continue to check my updates. More pieces coming soon. I hope to also attend/participate in Pezamania! It’s the worlds largest gathering of Pez Collectors and it’s right here in Independence, OH. I’d be bringing my art to show of the dispensers. My collection is not that intense yet, to sell or display. Check out the link above for the Pez gathering event.