Hey Ladies, here’s wine that will ensure your 3 ft. personal space!

So i made an onion wine a few months ago (you can see a past post or visit my wine list). According to the recipe online, it said it would have a familiar taste… but i also believe it said, it was the “life” of the party as the mystery wine. Well i opened one of them last night, and tried it. The aroma from the bottle was a bit strong which made me hesitant on drinking it. But i manned up and sipped it. And wouldn’t you know! It tastes like onions! ha ha. I thought the flavor would have really smoothed out. And it did a bit, but not enough to mask the sweet onion taste. I don’t think it’s bad. I think if you love onions, then you’ll like the wine. Or if you cook with wine, this would be a perfect cooking wine to add that onion infused flavor into your meal. So I’m going to find a recipe and try the wine on a cooking exploration. I might also try adding this wine to a Bloody Mary drink. I think in the right context it would be incredible. I like onions, i don’t LOVE onions. So this is not a favorite for drinking by itself. I still think it’s a fun wine to present to friends. Yes, it will get you drunk. But i think it will also keep people away from you. You know when people smell like wine, from drinking a bit too much. Just imagine if you drank a bottle of onion wine, I’m sure you’d have no friends for weeks! If anyone is interested in this wine for drinking or cooking, i think i might give a few away.