Stick a Cork in it!

I collect a lot of found objects. Some might call it “garbage” but i find creative uses for just about everything. So I’ve been working on a few new cork boards lately. My alcoholic friends, i mean resourceful peers collect bottles and corks for me, so I’m very thankful for them. Keep the corks coming! So a good year ago i made the bee cork board, which is about 30 x 50 inches. The more recent cork boards are about 14 x 30 inches, and 14 x 45 inches. I think I’m going to put a Pez dispenser on them. (I’m obsessed with Pez lately too.) I’m not sure which dispenser i want on them yet, but something that relates to wood or cork, I’ll figure it out. Any way, a monkey can make the boards, but there is something very therapeutic about inlaying the corks plus it’s fun. We’ve had a few guests over to our house, and the first thing they say when they see the bee hung up is, “OH! You gotta make me one”. Really? Cuz you gotta pay me! ha ha. I don’t think people realize that these boards have hundreds/thousands of corks. That’s a lot of wine! plus the imagery that is used doesn’t just appear. Why are artist so highly praised, but so limited in there compensation? Enough of my complaining. I feel the same way when i do collage or mosaic, as i guess i do with all work i create. It’s like putting a puzzle together that has no box to reference, and you’re not quite sure what it will be. But when they’re done. it’s like… wow that’s pretty cool. Ever since college one of my prof’s really turned me on to patterns and textures, so I’m sure that influences my layout of the corks (and other materials). Any who, i encourage anyone to make a cork board. They’re fun to make, they’ll get your friends talking about how fun they look, and they smell good too! Or i guess if you need a reason to drink wine, you can say “I’m making a cork board” for the sake of arts!