More Pez Skate Board Decks

Well as i mentioned the other day, i made 3 new decks that are going to be at the Sandusky Cultural Center for their Studio Skateboard Exhibition. My canvas’s are broken skate decks that were once used for riding, and I’ve applied my stencil work over top with spray paint. I’m working on a bunch of Pez Dispenser art. So here are 3 that made the list, and came out pretty clean (as far as the stencil cutting process). I really enjoy using found objects (as in these broken decks). Sometimes i think it’s harder to use blank canvas to begin a project. So i prefer the found objects. The concept of working with what i have and problem solving around whats been given to me is more exciting. I have a few more on my drafting table that are in the cutting stages. it’s getting harder to paint with the colder weather. The drying time is taking much longer, not to mention i don’t’ like freezing in the garage as I’m painting. yes a heater would be nice, but I’m using combustible fumes! I’d prefer to keep my eyebrows over the winter. So on my table are the pink panther, uncle sam, and a polar bear. Hopefully they make the cut! More to come. Dank’ya