Orange U Glad?

Orange U Glad? Orange Vanilla Mead

Number 6, here it is!  I made mead.  Mead is kind of like wine, but made from honey.  I haven’t tried it yet, as I’m letting it sit and age a bit more, but it smelled great. I can’t wait for a hot summer day! A chilled glass of orange and vanilla mead, sounds so refreshing!  I was going with this creamsicle vibe in lieu of nicer weather.  I have many other “unusual/fun” wines on my check list to start up on over the next few months, so keep checking in or subscribe to this blog for updates. The basic ingredients I used were orange juice concentrate, a vanilla bean, and honey.  The title is based on the old knock, knock joke.  If you’ve never heard the joke, then you’ve been living under a rock.   Plus I’m sure if you drank a few glasses of this mead, you’d be “glad”.  This mead may be available soon, (the recipe said to let bottle rest for a few months) otherwise i hope to have it available at some holiday shows in November and December.  Until then… Knock, Knock!