Fonzie… if he ain’t cool, i dont know who is?


Fonzie Record

I spent a good chunk of my Saturday with Joss Parker, painting the walls of (art)ificial gallery with our stencils of retro pop art.  Here’s an image of one of my Fonzie Records.  If he’s not cool, then you’re living under a rock!  I heard Henry Winkler on the radio a few weeks ago, because he was visiting at the car show.  He sounds like the nicest guy, and i was inspired by his honesty and dialog on the radio.  I hope to meet him some day and give him some art.  Any way that’s kind of why I started a series of TV/Movie Icons that inspired me over the years for this show.   The show opens on May 7th, housing works by myself, Joss Parker, and Jeff Hulligan, entitled “Connect the Dots”.   The show is not hung or set by any means.  In fact i still have pieces to finish, touch up, or  start!  You can get some sneak peeks on the Pop Shop Facebook, and more to come when i complete the series.