Frankenstein Tree’s

Frankenstein Tree 1

Frankenstein Tree 2

I’ve planted 6 different fruit tree’s in my back yard over the last 3 years very close to each other (Pear, Apple, Cherry, Peach, Plum, and Nectarine) in hopes of creating a Frankenstein Tree(s).  Muha ha ha ha…..  My buddy Steve had mentioned some hybridizing techniques he has learned/used on his Bonsai trees to shape them better and i took the idea a little farther.  The concept is fairly simple.  I drilled a hole in the trunks of many of the fruit trees and snaked a branch of another fruit tree through them (in the spring and summer months! I think if i did it in fall or winter ice might have gotten in the trunks and possibly killed them).  The idea is that trees carry all of their nutrients in their bark.   By scaring or cutting branches a tree will heal itself and reattach it’s nutrients supply.  The holes i drilled should self heal themselves and with a new branch in the way, connect to the new branch and establish a food source to that branch.  After the branch shows a solid connection from bark to bark, i could cut the branch from the 2nd tree and the branch “should” survive from its new source AND!!! bear fruit from the second tree.  So my pear tree will also have apples and peaches on it.   Any who, it’s all a fun experiment that i should see results this summer from last years graft and a few new ones i made this weekend.  I’ll follow up with images of blooming branches when spring/summer hits.  Until then you can get the idea from these 2 images.  Mind you, i have at least 10 branches snaked in and out of the trees.  It really looks odd, like the trees are giant spiders fighting each other.   I’m sure my neighbors must think I’m quite odd.