Sushi anyone?

California Roll

My day has been Japanese influenced.  Some bad, some good.  This morning i woke up to the radio announcing the earthquakes that shook Japan and the aftermath to come.  I can’t imagine ever being in an earthquake, and i really can’t fathom the thoughts of the  Tsunami’s topping off the earthquakes.  I wish it would have been inspiring news on Japans behalf instead of the weird vibe I’ve been feeling today, but none the less it has guided my day in a direction. That direction has been “themed” ironically with Japanese influences.

So i found one for rice wine.  I bought a wine book last Sunday which has over 100 recipes i plan on trying to make with my new wine making skills.  It seems simple enough, and I’ve never had a rice wine, so guess what i did?  I picked up some rice, and other ingredients and will begin my rice wine this weekend.  The recipe says it’s not a true Sake, but calls it a raisin wine with a slightly sweet social wine taste.  Hmmm…. I guess we’ll see if it’s a crowd pleaser in about 7 months.  My guess is that it will be Deee…licious!  I also stopped over at my new favorite supply store “Twice Good Wines” in Berea, to pick up the extra supplies I needed for the wine.  Those guys are awesome!  If you want to try wine or beer making, or just want to pick up some social drinks for the weekends stop on out.  They’re really good people and they make you feel important.  I think they’ll be my new best friends as we shared a few laughs while i told the guy “I don’t even drink wine”.

Off for lunch, i hit my new favorite sushi station called Thai Origin.  They make fresh sushi while you wait.  So…  I was introduced to Mr. Tiger (the chef) and watched him make my lunch pictured to the right.  He was cool, i don’t think he spoke English but the smile and care he put into my food said it all.  The server was busting my chops calling me “California Roll”.  She said i should try something new, as i always get the same thing.  I’ll show her! Next time I’m going to get something different.  Ha ha. They are super nice there too.

It’s nice to know that good old fashion customer service still lives in this day and age.  Thank you Twice Good Wines and Thai Origin.  You made my day.