Shark Bait

Red Wine

Shark Bait... don't get bit!

Bottle number 2! This batch is called Shark Bait, it’s a red wine.  I tried this one at room temp and it was good, but i want to try it chilled.  I think i like cold/cool wine more.  It’s a bit darker then it should be.  I think i could have racked it one more time.  The extra racking would have “cleared” it up a bit more, but the taste is just the same.  Some bottles have a little sediment in them.  It’s no more then grape pulp.  And i think it encourages my Shark Bait title.  Yeah, maybe that’s gross but have a few glasses and tell me if you’re still grossed out.   This bottle will be available at upcoming show receptions and with the $50 or more purchase of my art.  All of my wine is not for sale, but my art is!